Various Vacancies at Nirmala Hotels

Country: Indonesia
City: Bali
Hotel/Office/Restaurant: Corporate Office
Department: Human Resources
Type of employment: Full-time
Level: Manager
Date posted: May 11, 2015
Closing date: May 31, 2015

We are currently seeking for passionate and dynamic colleague's focused Human Resources professionals
who pride themselves on their ability to deliver extraordinary levels of customer service and provide
creative solutions to our colleagues.

As a Human Resources Manager you are responsible for managing the human resources function in order to
meet the strategic business objectives. The role involves development and implementation of strategies and
policies and will include key responsibilities such as:

  • Guide and direct all facets of Human Resources including recruitment, coaching, compensation & benefits,
  •   health & safety, performance management & succession planning
  • Ensure recruitment of high caliber employees to help achieve the business targets, within budgeted
  •   staffing plans
  • Provide functional direction and ensure compliance of all legal requirements
  • Provide a sounding board for colleague concerns, mediating solutions and initiating changes as needed
  • Provide direction, coaching and counseling on Human Resources issues such as performance management
  •   and employee relations
  • Maintain high level of colleague satisfaction and team spirit, through active support, direction and
  •   participation with hotel core committees
  • Maintain a high level of effectiveness communication throughout the hotel
  • Establish and implement annual objectives, budget and programs for the Human Resources Department in
  •   conjunction with the hotel’s strategic plan
  • Foster a cooperative working climate, maximizing productivity and colleague morale

Qualifications Required:
Minimum 2 years of experience in same position
Fluent English

Country: Indonesia
City: Bali
Hotel/Office/Restaurant: Corporate Office
Department: S&M
Type of employment: Full-time
Level: Supervisor
Date posted: May 11, 2015
Closing date: May 31, 2015

The Revenue - Reservation supervisor is integral to the success of the Hotel's Revenue Management
team. The position will be responsible for the preparation of revenue reports that will assist the Sales
Manager/ Executive Manager/ Managing Director in implementing the Hotel's yield strategies.

Key tasks & responsibilities:

  • Give full cooperation to any customer requiring assistance with a prompt, caring and helpful attitude and
  •   anticipate client’s needs
  • Be thorough with the application of room reservations and group reservations procedure
  • Know the required operation procedures of Opera and maintain an awareness of guest profile through
  •   system
  • Show complete product knowledge, understand rate structure and apply rate management
  • Ensure all administration procedures are maintained to hotel and company standards
  • Positively contribute to all the sales activities within the hotel and maximize sales opportunities
  • Ensure all incoming calls are answered as per The Leaf Jimbaran standards, information received by fax is
  •   inputted and tallies with the computer and requests are confirmed to correctly and within 24 hours
  • Accurate preparation and distribution of daily, weekly, monthly revenue reports. The reports include market
  •   segmentation analysis, production reports, source contribution analysis, daily pick-up reports, preferred
  •   guest program analysis, etc.
  • Assist with ensuring all rates are loaded and inventory maintenance is correct.
  • Perform audits and maintenance on all systems such as PMS, CRS, and RMS to ensure content and
  •   information is correct.
  • Communicate strategies and procedures to other departments as required.
  • Maintain group pick-up reports and communicate with Sales regarding upcoming groups cut-offs.
  • Must be knowledgeable of all rates, room types, and hotel product.
  • Participate in weekly revenue management meetings.
  • Prepare Revenue Management Report information for all related meetings.
  • Monitor and analyze the competition daily/weekly through shop reports and the Internet to identify selling
  • strategies and market trends.
  • Assist in preparing short and long term forecasts.
  • Update MAR's in MTD as required under the guidance of the Executive Manager to ensure optimal use by
  •   sales team
  • Analyze local events and activities and project the effect of opportunities they create.
  • Prepare 14 Day Forecast for distribution to Management team so proper staffing levels are achieved.
  • Ensure the client get the accuracy of rate quoting, restrictions and selling approach.
  • Update the Daily Market Segment Analysis (DMSA). Ensure accuracy from the daily Flash Report.
  • Be knowledgeable of all special rates and promotions.
  • Complete a weekly PACE report
  • Proficient in using Opera PMS and Configuration module
  • Create rate codes in Opera Config module
  • Audit transient commissions

Country: Indonesia
City: Bali
Hotel/Office/Restaurant: Corporate Office
Department: E-Commerce - S&M
Type of employment: Full-time
Level: Supervisor
Date posted: May 11, 2015
Closing date: May 31, 2015

As Marketing Manager, you will develop and implement the marketing plan and activities for the hotel to
increase brand awareness, communicate promotions to all relevant target markets and address hotel
business needs. Specifically, a Marketing Manager will perform the following tasks to the highest standards:

  • Create, develop and market key events for the hotel, especially during key business periods
  • Communicate effectively, to target markets, the amenities and benefits of the hotel, including hotel
  •   refurbishments, food and beverage provisions, banqueting and events
  • Work with local third party partners, including local media, and maintain professional working
  •  relationships with local official bodies
  • Create and maintain a comprehensive media and marketing contact management system relevant to
  •    the target audiences of the hotel
  • Work closely across all hotel departments, seeking proactive opportunities and planned promotions to
  •   address specific business challenges, as required
  • Manage and promote the hotel on Nirmala Hospitality branded websites
  • Manage and control marketing budgets by using resources effectively
  • Develop and own promotional activities, marketing channels and the production of marketing materials
  •   for specific events
  • Implement PR campaigns to celebrate successes and awards and the promotion of products
  • Respond to media enquiries when approached for comments and/or reports
  • Research and develop new opportunities within key target markets
  • Communicate with internal Operational/Hotel Managers on all aspects of specific event organization
  •   and promotion
  • Develop and support the Sales & Marketing team member, where applicable
  • Produce monthly reports as required

Country: Indonesia
City: Bali
Hotel/Office/Restaurant: Corporate Office
Department: E-Commerce - S&M
Type of employment: Full-time
Level: Supervisor
Date posted: May 11, 2015
Closing date: May 31, 2015

Key tasks & responsibilities:

  • Conduct a minimum of 20 sales calls per week
  • Initiate action plans for developing Key Prospects and new business opportunities
  • Profile and action leads which fall within the market and develop action plans for achievement of room night
  • and average rate goals
  • Carry out focused and innovate promotional activity e.g. Fam trips, educational site inspections, mailings and
  • incentives, participate in sales blitzes, trade shows, workshops and sales trips as appropriate
  • Maintain and prepare individual sales calls reports
  • Maintain updated customer profiles/action plans
  • Answer all customer correspondence within 24-hrs
  • Ensure Group information sheets are distributed at lease one week prior to group arrival
  • Regularly entertain during lunch or dinner at least 1 client per week.
  • Achieve room nights & revenue targets as set with the Executive Manager/Managing Director
  • Report on a weekly/monthly basis appointments, calls made, and list of business leads
  • Update all reports required by Nirmala Hospitality Management group in a timely manner
  • Follow up on Group exit interviews
  • Be fully knowledgeable regarding the property, ongoing promotions & upgrades
  • Evaluate prospective client’s overall requirements, check for competitor hotels used and evaluate the client’s
  •   approximate business potential for our hotel.
  • Following-up on all commitments made to a client in a timely manner and with all the details and services
  •   promised
  • After closing a deal, take personal responsibility for the delivery of superior guest service through meticulous
  • follow-up, ensuring that the client is satisfied and that service standards have been met


  • Minimum 3 experience in the same field.
  • Previous sales and/or hospitality experience preferred. Proven ability and sales results or functional ability to
  •  achieve stated goals

Please send your complete CV along with recent photograph to :

Jl.Mahendradatta No. 81 Denpasar Barat ­ Bali, Indonesia

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